About Daniel

Daniel’s passion is to bring the outside in, bringing the landscapes we know, or may not know yet, into our homes, businesses and lives. These images express his love of the outdoors and the love for photography. When out in the field and taking photographs, Daniel “blanks out” and becomes completely immersed in the scene before him. No distractions, and no interruptions from the outside world.

Daniel is relatively new to the photography world, only having been doing it as a hobby for the past 2 years. Starting out with a simple DSLR and two kit lenses he soon caught the 'photography bug’.

Daniel first picked up a camera when the V8 Supercars were in Canberra (his other love is still cars) although the camera was nothing flash, just a disposable, and the ‘photography seed’ had been planted. In 2005 on a family holiday to Africa, he was passed the camera by his dad and told to take some photos. After seeing the results, and his family’s positive reaction to the photos, Daniel decided to explore photography in the future.

After completing his apprenticeship in carpentry in 2008, he bought himself his first DSLR, an Olympus E-520. The passion for photography and the outdoors then became an obsession, always saving for that next investment and excursion to find the next great photo.

Since then he has thrown himself into learning, practising and experimenting how to produce more impressive, sophisticated and creative images.