Panoramic Photos

A panorama, is a photograph with a minimum ratio of 2 to 1. Meaning, the longest edge, be it the vertical or horizontal, is twice a long as the narrow edge. This can be done in two different ways. A simple crop of an image is the easiest, but I much prefer the harder way. This involves taking a number of photographs and blending them together in post production latter, also known as "stitching". This method entails taking a photo, moving the camera slightly to the left or right, overlapping the image by at least 30%, and taking another photo, and so on. The images below are all stitched photographs, some containing 10 photos or more. By taking a number of photos and blending them together produces a very large file, and in turn enables the finished photograph to be printed larger than a sigle shot photogrpah would allow. For me it is great fun to take a series of shots, and then blend them together later. It is kind of like Christmas, you know you are going to get something, just have'nt seen it yet.


canberra morning panorama.jpg

canberra morning panorama

canberra sunset panorama.jpg

canberra sunset panorama

grose valley fog.jpg

grose valley fog

horseshoe bend.jpg

horseshoe bend

lake hanson.jpg

lake hanson

mystic cradle.jpg

mystic cradle

weathered time.jpg

weathered time

wilsons promontory panorama 2.jpg

wilsons promontory panorama 2

wilsons promontory panorama.jpg

wilsons promontory panorama